This is a document which details a subset of the Today’s Plan APIs.

This document does NOT cover the complete API.

Access to Today’s Plan API is goverened by the API Users Agreement.

All of the Today’s Plan product suite (web platform, phone apps, desktop software etc) is built using our API. Anything you can see of do in our products is accessible via our API.

We are always happy to share our API with other developers to allow their apps to leverage the power of our cloud platform.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@todaysplan.com.au to get assistance or further documentation on our APIs.

  1. OAuth2: Contact support@todaysplan.com.au and get issued a clientId and secret
  2. Develop: Develop your application against https://staging.todaysplan.com.au
  3. Release: Get issued production OAuth credentials and release your app to the world!

Need assistance: Happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact support@todaysplan.com.au to get additional API documentation and examples.