Routes API

  • Version: 1.0
  • Host: whats.todaysplan.com.au/rest/users/route
  • Protocols: https
  • Accepts: application/json
  • Responds With: application/json
More Info

The routes API allows for a route to be created, modified and deleted.

A route can be created by;

  • Manual route creation (ie via web interface)
  • Importing an existing route file (ie .gpx)
  • Cloning an existing route file already in the system
  • Creating a route from an existing ride file (ie .fit)

The API provides a json structure for the metadata which describes the route, and a Google protobufs binary format for the actual “native” route structure. The route can also be exported in a .fit or a .gpx format.

The model is that a user has a collection of routes. The routes have metadata, which allows the user to search across their routes. A user can choose to download / export a route file to a head unit (or another platform).

A user can also schedule a route to be completed. Like a workout, a user can add a route into their calendar, indicating they wish to complete the route on a given day.

The “native” format that the routes are stored in is a Google protobufs format.

A route can accessed in one of the following manners;

  • Get the summary / metadata about a route
  • Get the protobufs version of a route (useful for user-interface route editing)
  • Get a .gpx or .fit version of a route
  • Get a static google maps image of the route (useful for embedding in apps)

Routes can also be searched for.